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Non Invasive Prenatal Screening


Early Intervention, Healthy Babies! NIPS is a non invasive test, performed on cfDNA that screens Ultrasound abnormalities and chromosomal abnormalities identified by other screening tests.

NIPS is advisable when

There are concerns about chromosome abnormalities in your pregnancy.

  • Ultrasound abnormalities have been identified .
  • You have had earlier abnormal screening results for this pregnancy.
  • You, your partner, or a prior pregnancy or child were identified with a chromosome abnormality.
  • You have received inconclusive results from another fetal DNA screening test.
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Clinical Exome Sequencing


Clinical Exome Sequencing by Genes2me is one of a kind Next Generation Sequencing panel offered under the brand. The Human Exome is complete coding (Exonic) regions of the Genome. It encompasses 1-2% of the whole genome, yet it contains approximately 85% of disease causing pathogenic variants.

  • • Superior uniformity enables accurate variant calling with minimal sequencing cost and on-target performance
  • • Comprehensive coverage of human coding gene sequences in RefSeq, Ensembl,CCDS databases
  • • Comprehensive coverage of human coding gene sequences in RefSeq, Ensembl,CCDS databases
  • • Inclusion of all clinically relevant regions such as disease specific hotspots.
  • • Phenotype based variant prioritization analysis leveraging extensive, updated and curated variant.
  • • Identifies SNVs (single nucleotide variant) and CNVs.
  • • Provision of result confirmation with Sanger sequencing.
  • • Multiple sample types: Genes2Me accept multiple sample types including Saliva Swabs, Dried Blood Spots, Whole Blood, and Genomic DNA.
  • • Early reporting: An average TAT (Turn-Around-Times) for the test is 4-5 weeks or less.
  • • Early reporting: An average TAT (Turn-Around-Times) for the test is 4-5 weeks or less.
  • • Increased Accessibility: Genes2Me is leading industry in molecular biology, clinical diagnosis providing support to patients 24✕7.
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Cheshtha Gupta

Pregnancy was always a concern for me, as i have heavy PCOD since age of 16.When it was finally the time after 4 years of marriage, i wanted to take every step With precision and care for my baby. I came across Myfitbaby plus to help me take every necessary test during my pregnancy period along with genetic testing. I was really impressed with the tests at every trimester. I am now blessed with a baby girl.

Anita Rai

My fit baby package is the best one i ever came across during my second pregnancy. Loved, how they have covered every important test for every trimester. Its like a complete solution to my pregnancy worries.

Ritika Mehta

I was in second thoughts when my doctor suggested a complication in my pregnancy. I didn't know what to was later through a friend of mine i came across Genes2me's 'My fit baby' package. I still thank her for suggesting me something so accurate and important for my baby then.

Nidhi Pathania

My fit baby plus package is the best one you would come across if you want to get every test done during your pregnancy period.

Ruhi Khan

I wanted to go for genetic testing for my baby during my pregnancy period. Genes2me was unknown to me until i saw an ad for the same while googling about genetic testing in India. I am so glad, i googled it.

Shilpi Sharma

NBS -New born screeing feature from My fit baby package has gifted my baby a whole new life. He was very weak and underweight, NBS from Genes2me has been a boon.

Sarah Mathews

Pregnancy for me 2 years ago was scary and complicated until i found GENES2ME.

Jaspreet Kaur

I would recommend every mother to be to get a genes test done for your baby right from the present-natal stage. Genes2me was certainly the best choice for my child.